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DIGITS uses environment variables for configuration.

NOTE: Prior to #1091 (up to DIGITS 4.0), DIGITS used configuration files instead of environment variables.

Environment Variables

Variable Example value Description
DIGITS_JOBS_DIR ~/digits-jobs Location where job files are stored. Default is $DIGITS_ROOT/digits/jobs.
CAFFE_ROOT ~/caffe Path to your local Caffe build. Should contain build/tools/caffe and python/caffe/. If unset, looks for caffe in PATH and PYTHONPATH.
TORCH_ROOT ~/torch Path to your local Torch build. Should contain install/bin/th. If unset, looks for th in PATH.
DIGITS_LOGFILE_FILENAME ~/digits.log File for saving log messages. Default is $DIGITS_ROOT/digits/digits.log.
DIGITS_LOGFILE_LEVEL DEBUG Minimum log message level to be saved (DEBUG/INFO/WARNING/ERROR/CRITICAL). Default is INFO.
DIGITS_SERVER_NAME The Big One The name of the server (accessible in the UI under "Info"). Default is the system hostname.
DIGITS_MODEL_STORE_URL http://localhost/modelstore A list of URL's, separated by comma.