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@nxpfrankli nxpfrankli released this Sep 20, 2019

==== New features

  • add dry-run option to check if all files exist at script
  • Start download before scan whole Bz2 file. Progress only show how many data burned instead of percentage before finish scan.
  • Add NAND built in script to burn boot loader into nand flash, which need uboot support nandbcb command
  • Add --skipfhdr option to skip flexspi header
  • Can use SD card uboot for flexspi, which need uboot support qspihdr command
  • Add timestamp info for each command. (-v show how many time is consumed for each command).
  • Add tar.bz2 support.(experimental).
  • Add tar.gz support. (experimental).
  • Add http download. (experimental).
  • Auto append /* for bz2 file when use built-in script.
  • Add -lsusb option to list all connected known devices to help find usb path when do multi boards support

==== Bug fixes

  • Fix SPL download uboot failure if uboot size > 2M
  • Upgrade libusb to 1.0.23-rc3 to resolve some windows compatibility problem. such as exit if not usb port under virtual root hub.
  • Fix bz2 decompress problem if bz2 created by bzip2 instead of pbzip2.
  • Fix missed last chunk data for android sparse image
  • fixed #123: implement timeout for wait known usb device appear
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@nxpfrankli nxpfrankli released this Sep 4, 2019

prebuild for 64eeca1

improve http download process message

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Sep 3, 2019
Fix linux build error

@nxpfrankli nxpfrankli released this Aug 28, 2019

prebuild for ea1d1ee

treat EPIPE error as normal

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@nxpfrankli nxpfrankli released this Aug 27, 2019

prebuild for f23ca2f

fix missed last chuck data of android sparse image

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Aug 21, 2019
show uncompress tar.gz progress
Signed-off-by: Frank Li <>
Jul 25, 2019
use bit mask to decide loaded and known buffer size
Signed-off-by: Frank Li <>

==== New features

  • Support i.MX28
  • Add Read\write a memory address for i.MX6/i.MX7
  • built-in script emmc support burn difference files
  • Support i.MX815

==== Bug fixes

  • fix crash when console width between 47 to 54
  • fix crash when use ssh uuu
  • fix wrong data by decompress sdcard.bz2/* if enable -O2 build option
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May 21, 2019
Support i.MX 815 chip
Signed-off-by: Frank Li <>

@nxpfrankli nxpfrankli released this Feb 25, 2019

==== New features

  • Auto parameter complete support
  • Add option -udev to help create udev rule to avoid use sudo
  • Remove VT color at win7
  • Fail back to verbose mode at win7
  • Enable uboot shell mode
  • Just print help when run uuu and doesn't scan auto.uuu in current directory.
  • Added blog command to fetch message from uboot boot log
  • Support file path include space. need add "" at file path
  • Windows version built-in libusb
  • New SDPV support to support -skipsql for uboot, which support auto scan uboot position.

==== Bug fixes

  • Fixed uuu "fb[-t 1000]:" ucmd wait forever problem
  • Fixed missed sdpu: done at spl built in script
  • Fixed show nothing when wait for usb connection
  • Fixed random claim interface failure at windows platform
  • Fixed random crash when multi-device download at windows platform
  • Fixed memory leak.
  • Fixed #79 file all zero when ucp from target to host
  • Fixed crash when done is not last cmd
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