Potentially support a more permissive license #2

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The WP and TinyMCE plugs definitely need to be to GPL to be compatible with the respective software, as does all of the other code used, but have you considered releasing everything else with a GPL/MIT similar to that used by jQuery? I would love to look at possible integration with the @armstrong project, but a straight GPL license means we can't use this directly in Armstrong out-of-the-box.

delambo commented Jan 25, 2012

@tswicegood - Unfortunately, we are locked down by a GPL because of some third party GPL2 code that is in the ice core. My idea is to identify the GPL2 parts and rewrite them, as it would be beneficial to switch ice to a GPL/MIT.

I'll keep this open and try to scope out the work, find some help, and adjust priority. I would like to talk about possible integration with @armstrong in the future.


Awesome. Please let me know if you need any help and I'll help out as I can.


same here

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