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A basic setup for using GAS in PlayerState.
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Created by Narxim 7/6/19 with UE4 version 4.22.3

This is a basic set-up for GAS using PlayerState. I have kept the code minimal so it is easy to understand / expand.

What is has:

- Ability system component in PlayerState
- Health attribute
- Stamina attribute
- Ability bindings for 2 abilities
- Helper functions for use in BP
- Give Gameplay Ability function in BP
- Commented code

How to use:

Create / reparent your CharacterBP from "CharacterBase"
Create / reparent your PlayerStateBP from "PlayerStateBase"

Add abilities to your Character in the PlayerStateBP you created under "Ability 1" and "Ability 2".
KeyBind "Ability1" and "Ability2" in editor to activate your abilities.

Check out the Unreal Slackers Discord if you have any questions!

Note: Your PlayerState NetUpdateFrequency needs to be increased to avoid lag in a multiplayer environment. 
Setting it the same as the default settings for "Character" seems to work well in most cases.
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