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Python OAuth 2.0 Client and Provider Library

Authorization Code Grant :: OAuth 2 Section 4.1

Authorization Request :: OAuth 2 Section 4.1.1

    [For browser apps this happens in the window]
    Request: GET /get_authorization_code

    Response: HTTP 302

    Error Response: HTTP 302

Access Token Request :: OAuth 2 Section 4.1.3

    [Server side only]
    Request: GET /get_access_token

    Response: HTTP 200
                   "access_token": "{ACCESS_TOKEN}",
                   "token_type": "{TOKEN_TYPE}",      // See OAuth 2 Section 7.1 Access Token Types
                   "expires_in": 3600,
                   "refresh_token": "{REFRESH_TOKEN}"

    Error Response: HTTP 400
                    "error": "access_denied",
                    "error_description": "User does not have access to the team."