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<Page xmlns=""
loaded="pageLoaded" class="page">
<StackLayout class="login-buttons">
<Facebook:LoginButton automationText="fbLogin" login="{{ onLogin }}"></Facebook:LoginButton>
<Button tap="{{ login }}" text="Continue with Facebook (Custom)" automationText="facebookCustom"></Button>
<Button tap="{{ getCurrentAccessToken }}" text="Get current access token"></Button>
<Facebook:ShareButton content="{{ linkContent }}"></Facebook:ShareButton>
<Facebook:SendButton content="{{ genericContent }}"></Facebook:SendButton>
<Button tap="{{ onShareDialog }}" automationText="Open Share dialog" text="Open Share dialog (link)" visibility="{{ canShowLinksShareDialog ? 'visible' : 'collapsed' }}" ></Button>
<Button tap="{{ onShareDialogPhotos }}" text="Open Share dialog (photos)" visibility="{{ canShowPhotosShareDialog ? 'visible' : 'collapsed' }}"></Button>
<Button tap="{{ onSendDialog }}" text="Open Message Share dialog" visibility="{{ canShowLinksMessageDialog ? 'visible' : 'collapsed' }}"></Button>
<Button tap="{{ onSendGenericDialog }}" text="Share Message Generic Template" visibility="{{ canShowGenericMessageDialog ? 'visible' : 'collapsed' }}"></Button>
<Button tap="{{ logEventAction }}" text="Log Event"></Button>
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