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Neonite V2

Fortnite lobby emulator with much customization options

Installation Run on

  1. Install the latest version of Node.JS.
  2. Download Neonite.
  3. Extract the zip.
  4. Open install.bat and wait for it to install. (Only required on the first run!)
  5. Open run.bat, it should say Neonite v2.0.0 is listening on port 5595! (DON'T CLOSE THIS WHILE USING NEONITE!)
  6. Download the launcher.
  7. Extract the launcher
  8. Open FortniteLauncher.exe
  9. Type in your username(Don't use any kind of special characters including spaces!)
  10. Click launch

• The localhosted dashboard can be found here

• The standard port is 5595

NinjaRipper for Neonite

• Join the official Neonite Discord Server for support.

• You can't go in games!

• You can't get banned!

• We do not provide any support for older versions of the game!

• You can't join other peoples lobbies

Used APIs

Fortnite-API Made by Officer

NiteStats API Made by VastBlast


Community Support


This project is licensed under the MIT License

We provide support on this project within our official discord community server.

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