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AWS Service registry for resilient mid-tier load balancing and failover.
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update to latest karyon3 and better integration for eureka-server-karyon3
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codequality Build changes for nebula.netflixoss
eureka-client-archaius2 move eureka-server-karyon3 to use eureka-client-archaius2
eureka-client-jersey2 Support remote region fetch in the new transport
eureka-client Thread pools in eureka-client create non-daemon threads
eureka-core Fix for issue #711
eureka-examples Fix codec type in the example
eureka-resources/src/main/resources more fixes for karyon3 server
eureka-server-karyon3 move eureka-server-karyon3 to use eureka-client-archaius2
eureka-server - CR updates
eureka-test-utils Support remote region fetch in the new transport
gradle/wrapper Bug fixes and minor updates.
images "Gold bars adventure" Eureka logo
.gitignore First pass at eureka extention providing Guice bindings
.netflixoss Set jdk=1.8 in .netflixoss to get proper JDK in cloudbees jenkins job. Needs a for ease of bintray project creation
LICENSE Restructure into smaller files Fix Jenkins build status link in
build.gradle move eureka-server-karyon3 to use eureka-client-archaius2 Enforce patch scope by default.
gradlew Upgrading to Gradle 1.4
gradlew.bat Upgrade to Gradle 1.1.
settings.gradle Transport API update + eureka-client-jersey2 module


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Eureka is a REST (Representational State Transfer) based service that is primarily used in the AWS cloud for locating services for the purpose of load balancing and failover of middle-tier servers.

At Netflix, Eureka is used for the following purposes apart from playing a critical part in mid-tier load balancing.

  • For aiding Netflix Asgard - an open source service which makes cloud deployments easier, in

    • Fast rollback of versions in case of problems avoiding the re-launch of 100's of instances which could take a long time.
    • In rolling pushes, for avoiding propagation of a new version to all instances in case of problems.
  • For our cassandra deployments to take instances out of traffic for maintenance.

  • For our memcached caching services to identify the list of nodes in the ring.

  • For carrying other additional application specific metadata about services for various other reasons.


Eureka Google Group


Please see wiki for detailed documentation.

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