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function using_gpu()
% Manopt example on how to use GPU with manifold factories that allow it.
% We are still working on this feature, and so far only few factories have
% been adapted to work on GPU. But the adaptations are rather easy. If
% there is a manifold you'd like to use on GPU, let us know via the forum
% on, we'll be happy to help!
% See also: spherefactory stiefelfactory grassmannfactory complexcirclefactory
% This file is part of Manopt:
% Original author: Nicolas Boumal, Aug. 3, 2018.
% Contributors:
% Change log:
if exist('OCTAVE_VERSION', 'builtin')
warning('manopt:usinggpu', 'Octave does not handle GPUs at this time.');
if gpuDeviceCount() <= 0
warning('manopt:usinggpu', 'No GPU available: cannot run example.');
% Construct a large problem to illustrate the use of GPU.
% Below, we will compute p left-most eigenvectors of A (symmetric).
% On a particular test computer, we found that for n = 100, 1000, CPU
% is faster, but for n = 10000, GPU tends to be 10x faster.
p = 3;
n = 10000;
A = randn(n);
A = A+A';
inner = @(U, V) U(:)'*V(:);
% First, setup and run the optimization problem on the CPU.
problem.M = grassmannfactory(n, p, 1); % 1 copy of Grassmann(n, p)
problem.cost = @(X) .5*inner(X, A*X); % Rayleigh quotient to be minimized
problem.egrad = @(X) A*X; % Could use caching to save here
problem.ehess = @(X, Xdot) A*Xdot;
X0 = problem.M.rand(); % Random initial guess
tic_cpu = tic();
X_cpu = trustregions(problem, X0); % run any solver
time_cpu = toc(tic_cpu);
% Then, move the data to the GPU, redefine the problem using the moved
% data, activate the GPU flag in the factory, and run it again.
A = gpuArray(A);
problem.M = grassmannfactory(n, p, 1, true); % true is the GPU flag;
problem.cost = @(X) .5*inner(X, A*X); % Code for cost and gradient etc.
problem.egrad = @(X) A*X; % basically didn't change, but
problem.ehess = @(X, Xdot) A*Xdot; % operates on gpuArrays now.
X0 = gpuArray(X0);
tic_gpu = tic();
X_gpu = trustregions(problem, X0);
time_gpu = toc(tic_gpu);
fprintf('Total time CPU: %g\nTotal time GPU: %g\nSolution difference: %g\n', ...
time_cpu, time_gpu, norm(X_cpu - X_gpu, 'fro'));