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Make a disk image formatted with both ext2 and FAT at once
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Make a disk image formatted with both ext2 and FAT, at once.

~/cursedfs% wget ''
~/cursedfs% sudo mount -o loop -t ext2 cursed.img mountpoint/
~/cursedfs% ls mountpoint/
~/cursedfs% sudo umount mountpoint/
~/cursedfs% sudo mount -o loop -t msdos cursed.img mountpoint/
~/cursedfs% ls mountpoint/


I got nerd-sniped


It turns out this is surprisingly simple to do: just create a FAT volume with a lot of reserved sectors and put the ext2 into the reserved sectors. This works because the filesystems choose different places to put their superblock: FAT uses the very first sector, while ext2 leaves the first kilobyte unused.

Can I write to the filesystems?

Yes! When I first decided to do this, I thought writing to the image would surely break everything, but as it turns out, the method I've found means the filesystems don't conflict.

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