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Server software for and

Documentation at

Install via AutoTS

WARNING: AutoTS is still very alpha. For a traditional install, see

Go into the directory where you want your site, and run:

curl -O

Then follow the on-screen instructions.

TODO for 2.0

  • Implement in pure Python 3 with CGI
  • Switch from Bottle SimpleTemplate to Jinja 2
  • Redo theme CSS with templating
  • Improved and graphical AutoTS
  • Update documentation
    • Document modules
    • Provide examples
    • Document themes
  • Theme preview
  • Embedded python on all eligible files
  • Smarter default navlist and breadcrumb
  • Syntax extension modules (e.g. KaTeX $)
  • Move from INI to TOML
  • Recursive config loading
  • Finally doing caching

Version History


  • Removed those silly file headers
  • Updated Bootstrap to 4.1.2 from 4.0.0-beta2
  • Pulled php-markdown submodule


WARNING: The 1.9.x versions are going to be a run-up to a 2.0 release. They are going to change a lot of things, so unless you want to come on this ride with me, stick with 1.8.8 for now.

  • Default theme is now Colored Pencil
  • Templates enabled by default
  • Bootstrap 4 and full highlight.js now enabled by default
  • Removed theme.js support from themes (may be re-added in the future)
  • Removed the following themes: bootstrap, default, and paper
  • Removed the Bootstrap 3 and Bootstrapify modules
  • markdown_content.css and support.css.php now fall back to coloredpencil


  • Fixed SSL Forcing
  • Updated KaTeX and highlight.js
  • Added a (default disabled) module with all the highlight.js languages

Pre-1.8.8 version history