Core client libraries for NuGet Services
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NuGet Client Tools

This repo contains the following clients:

Open Source Code of Conduct

This project has adopted the Microsoft Open Source Code of Conduct. For more information see the Code of Conduct FAQ or contact with any additional questions or comments.

How to build NuGet client tools


Steps to build NuGet client tools

  1. Clone NuGet/NuGet.Client repository

    git clone

  2. Start PowerShell. CD into the cloned repository directory.

  3. Run configuration script


  4. Build with

    .\build.ps1 -SkipUnitTest

    Or Build and Unit test with


  5. Run all test-suites if inside Microsoft corpnet


In case you have build issues try cleaning the local repository using git clean -xdf and retry steps 3 and 4.

Notable build.ps1 switches

  • -SkipVS15 - skips building binaries targeting Visual Studio "15" (released as Visual Studio 2017)
  • -SkipUnitTest - skips running unit tests.
  • -Fast - runs minimal incremental build. Skips end-to-end packaging step.

Reveal all script parameters and switches by running

Get-Help .\build.ps1 -detailed

Build artifacts location

  • $(NuGetClientRoot)\Artifacts\VS15 - this folder will contain the Package Manager extension (NuGet.Tools.vsix) and NuGet command-line client application (nuget.exe)
  • $(NuGetClientRoot)\Artifacts\nupkgs - this folder will contain all our projects packages


File bugs on NuGet Home.


Unless explicitly stated otherwise all files in this repository are licensed under the License in the root repository