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2019-July Public Board Meeting

Present: Hilmar, Nomi, Heather, Yo, Peter, Chris (remote), Bastian

Guests: Malvika Sharan, Daniel Davies (remote), Michael Heuer, Spencer Bliven, Raony Guimaraes, Michael Crusoe, Matúš Kalaš


Minutes: 12:49pm CEST: Meeting is called to order by Hilmar.

Approval of 2018 Minutes:

  • Motion to approve [Hilmar], seconded [Heather, Yo]
  • Approved with unanimous consent.

Election: Malvika Sharan running for Board member at-large

  • Introduction by Malvika
  • Followed by Vote. All Board members present, hence quorum is met. Result: 7 for, 0 against, 0 abstain.
  • Malvika Sharan is elected to the Board.

Fiscal sponsor: SPI

  • A number of persistent issues with accounting
  • Board : most funds held at SPI
    • Funds also in ISCB account - covers keynote speakers and some travel, registration for ISMB/BOSC
    • Historically OBF was non-profit, required regular financial reports
    • Behind on this after joining SPI as we tried to maintain original reporting
    • Migrating this over to SPI’s reporting, which has significantly improved in terms of timeliness.
  • Question from Guest : have we made the decision to stay with SPI?
    • Board : Yes, for now at least.

Code of Conduct

  • ISCB CoC exists for ISMB, does OBF need its own CoC that covers non-ISMB meetings, online meetings, CoFest, etc?
  • Long-standing issue for policy covering how new projects can join OBF, which will in all likelihood include an expectation to have adopted a CoC. We need to have one available for this.
  • For example, in the Carpentries, CoC is built upon the Python Foundation's CoC and further improved with the help of community support. We could reuse their CoC which is available under Open Access license. At the moment they are looking into ways to expand their CoC by indicating how CoC is established in places that fall outside the community space.
  • Guest: will CoC govern project in earliest stages; will OBF provide help and guide on these issues?
    • Board : this would help incubating projects
    • Board : One way for OBF to help new member projects, including guidance
  • Other guests expressed support for the need for this
  • The Board is keen and committed to getting this done

Open floor

  • OBF membership policy
    • Guest : issues for new projects to join on Github
    • Board : draft exists, will work on simplify categories and cleaning up how OBF takes on a new member project, etc.
    • Board : we can meet with you and work on this
    • Guest : Does this make any reference to projects from commercial entities?
      • Board : not really
    • Guest : where is the draft:
  • Board : opportunities to engage the Board
  • Board : would love to hear about travel fellowships or other opportunities to engage
  • Funding
    • The Board very much welcomes any contacts regarding funding, and also help and/or guidance on how best to approach or apply to specific funders.
    • Board : the OBF could assist with best practices for research software, courses
  • OBF ‘About’ statement
    • Board : this is regarding:
    • Board : Gives a relatively vague notion, not a mission statement
      • These do matter
      • Does OBF need to go through an exercise to come up with a mission statement?
    • Board : should OBF write position papers? Example: GATK, data parasites, etc.
      • Guest : Leverage the community but yes have these conversations, there is support for this
      • Board :how do we communicate with the members? Gitter, mailing list?
      • Board : is everyone getting the newsletter? (reply:yes!)
      • Guest : just not linkedin!
  • Guest : very important that OBF exists, particularly with rapid advances in technology (gene editing, etc)
  • Guest : trademarks and licensing
    • Board : SPI can hold trademarks
    • Guest : example where a license was violated, code copied and used against license terms. What is the recourse?
    • Board : OBF should join the OSI as an affiliate organisation
    • Guest : speaking to the Electronic Frontier Foundation
    • Board : what is the process for setting up a trademark c SPI? There is a way, but there is also a cost

1:50pm CEST : [Hilmar] moves to adjourn the meeting. Seconded by Nomi. Meeting adjourned.

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