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Many have contributed to ORCID's Open Source effort, from direct contributions of code, to contributions of projects through sub-licensed code and binaries.

Active Contributors

Open Source Contributors

ORCID appreciates the several significant contributions from the Open Source community:

Special Thanks

ORCID would like to extend its appreciation to Semantico which performed the initial development for the October 2012-launch-version of the ORCID Registry. Thanks to Will, James, Declan, Phil, Gib, Andrew, Rob, Dan, Mike, Richard, Liam, Richard, and many others who helped behind the scenes.

Thanks also to Villu Ruusmann, the author of Java BibTeX API who has been so helpful and responsive in updating this package.

Many thanks to SyncRO Soft for their support in the donation of the oXygen XML Editor.

Oxygen XML Editor