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"asking good questions" guide #16

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Oregon State Linux Users Group member

aka "how to get useful answers from open-source nerds"

Occasionally we have newbies wander into the channel with questions, but unable or unwilling to ask them in a way that's likely to get helpful results. I find myself having to repeatedly explain basic skills such as:

  • don't ask to ask; just ask it
  • do your research and tell us what you've tried
  • we won't do your homework for you
  • demonstrate genuine desire to learn (and hopefully also understand)
  • try our suggestions or explain clearly why you won't, and report the results
  • who to talk to if people are mean to you

I feel like having a polite writeup that we can point people to will reduce the experts' annoyance at newbies and improve the newbies' chances of success with their first steps in open-source-related things.

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