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In-depth DNS Enumeration and Network Mapping
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DNS Enumeration

The OWASP Amass tool suite obtains subdomain names by scraping data sources, recursive brute forcing, crawling web archives, permuting/altering names and reverse DNS sweeping. Additionally, Amass uses the IP addresses obtained during resolution to discover associated netblocks and ASNs. All the information is then used to build maps of the target networks.

Information Gathering Techniques Used:

  • DNS: Basic enumeration, Brute forcing (upon request), Reverse DNS sweeping, Subdomain name alterations/permutations, Zone transfers (upon request)
  • Scraping: Ask, Baidu, Bing, CommonCrawl, DNSDB, DNSDumpster, DNSTable, Dogpile, Exalead, FindSubdomains, Google, IPv4Info, Netcraft, PTRArchive, Riddler, SiteDossier, ThreatCrowd, VirusTotal, Yahoo
  • Certificates: Active pulls (upon request), Censys, CertDB, CertSpotter, Crtsh, Entrust
  • APIs: BinaryEdge, BufferOver, CIRCL, HackerTarget, PassiveTotal, Robtex, SecurityTrails, Shodan, Twitter, Umbrella, URLScan
  • Web Archives: ArchiveIt, ArchiveToday, Arquivo, LoCArchive, OpenUKArchive, UKGovArchive, Wayback

How to Install


A precompiled version is available for each release.

If your operating environment supports Snap, you can click here to install, or perform the following from the command-line:

sudo snap install amass

On Kali, follow these steps to install Snap and Amass + use AppArmor (for autoload):

sudo apt install snapd
sudo systemctl start snapd
sudo systemctl enable snapd
sudo systemctl start apparmor
sudo systemctl enable apparmor

Add the Snap bin directory to your PATH:

export PATH=$PATH:/snap/bin

Periodically, execute the following command to update all your snap packages:

sudo snap refresh

Using Docker

  1. Build the Docker image:
sudo docker build -t amass
  1. Run the Docker image:
sudo docker run amass --passive -d

The wordlists maintained in the Amass git repository are available in /wordlists/ within the docker container. For example, to use all.txt:

sudo docker run amass -w /wordlists/all.txt -d

From Source

If you prefer to build your own binary from the latest release of the source code, make sure you have a correctly configured Go >= 1.10 environment. More information about how to achieve this can be found on the golang website. Then, take the following steps:

  1. Download OWASP Amass:
go get -u
  1. If you wish to rebuild the binaries from the source code:
cd $GOPATH/src/

go install ./...

At this point, the binaries should be in $GOPATH/bin.

  1. Several wordlists can be found in the following directory:
ls $GOPATH/src/


Go to the User's Guide for additional information.


Join our Discord server: Chat on Discord

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This project improves thanks to all the people who contribute:

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