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How to contribute?

Note: Regarding fixing of typo in existing cheat sheet, you can directly create a Pull Request otherwise follow the process below.

Follow these steps:

  1. Create an new Issue using either:
    • The new_cheatsheet_proposal template if you want to propose a new cheat sheet.
    • The update_cheatsheet_proposal template if you want to modify a existing cheat sheet.
  2. After a discution on the topic/update and if the proposal is accepted by the project leaders then:
    1. Clone this GitHub repository.
    2. Either:
    • Create the cheat sheet using the dedicated template in case of a new cheat sheet.
    • Modify the target cheat sheet in case of a update/refactoring.
    1. Submit your Pull Request.
    2. Verify that the CI job applied on your Pull Request do not fail!

How to setup my contributor environment?

Follow these steps:

  1. Install Visual Studio Code (named VSCode from here), it is cross platform and free.
  2. Install this plugin from VSCode.
  3. Open the file Project.code-workspace from VSCode via the menu File > Open Workspace....
  4. You are ready to contribute 👍

Before to push my update to my fork, what I need to verify?

  1. Ensure that the markdown file you have created/modified do not have any warnings/errors raised by the linter, you can see it in this bottom bar when the markdown file is opened in VSCode:


  1. Ensure that the markdown file you have created/modified do not have any deadlinks. You can verify that by using this plugin, if you cannot use this plugin then, at least, verify that all the links are valid before to push:
    1. Install NodeJS to install NPM.
    2. Install the validation plugin via the command npm install -g markdown-link-check
    3. Use this commmand (from the repository root folder) on your markdown file to verify the presence of any deadlinks:
$ markdown-link-check -c .markdownlinkcheck.json [MD_FILE]

See the example below:

$ markdown-link-check -c .markdownlinkcheck.json cheatsheets/
FILE: cheatsheets/
# If the program do not say to you that you have deadlinks so it's OK
# The identified deadlinks are showed using a red cross instead of a green tick before the link.
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