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Getting Started

Getting the JARs

If you are using Maven then follow the maven directions to add a dependency. Otherwise, download prebuilt jars or git clone and build the latest source.

Unless maven is managing your CLASSPATH for you, you need to add both owasp-java-html-sanitizer.jar and the Guava JAR.

Once you have your CLASSPATH set up correctly with the relevant JARs you should be able to add

import org.owasp.html.HtmlPolicyBuilder;

to one of your project's .java files and compile it.

Using the APIs

The examples include source code which defines a sanitization policy, and applies it to HTML.

The javadoc covers more detailed topics, including customization.

Important classes are:

For advanced use, see:

Asking Questions

Feel free to post questions at the discussion group and we'll do our best to help.