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End of Life

We have decided to close down in May 2020. The amount of traffic dropped significantly with the release of .NET Core 2.0 and to a trickle with 3.1.

This project and site have served it's purpose, and the ecosystem is has matured beyond the need for this tool.

Thank you to all those who contributed.

Feel free to clone, copy or borrow this code or concept and use it how you see fit (within the licence terms).


You will need Visual Studio 2017 and dotnet-1.1.1-sdk (1.1.1 with SDK 1.0.1).
Note that you can install multiple SDKs side by side, it's all controlled through the global.json.

To build from the command line you will need NodeJS (Tested with 4.1) and Gulp installed.

To get the web UI to build, in Visual Studio, open the Task Runner Explorer and run the watch task. You can alternatively do this from the command line:

cd source\Web
gulp watch

The TypeScript ng errors can be ignored

Run build.cmd to do a full rebuild, including tests, before submitting a code-change PR.


Built on TeamCity

Deployed by

Test website is