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Reporting Issues

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The extension supports the command that populates the necessary information from the user's system into a new github issue and opens the preview in the user's default browser to preview and submit.

Report issue on GitHub

  • In VSCode, navigate to the View --> Command Palette menu or press Ctrl+Shift+P.

  • Select the option : CSharp: Start authoring a new issue on GitHub. This will open the github repository issues page with a new issue with all the necessary system information.

  • Fill in all the fields like "Expected Behavior", "Actual Behavior", "Steps to Reproduce".

  • Paste the "OmniSharp log" and the "C#" log (if any) and hit "Submit"

    OmniSharp and C# log
    • In VSCode, navigate to View-->Output or press Ctrl+Shift+U
    • In the output pane on the right, you should see an "OmniSharp log" in the drop-down
    • Paste the output from here to the "OmniSharp log" section

    OmniSharp log

    • The C# log can also be found in the same window.