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=== How to contribute your images and to this repository ===
If you have created your own custom image and would like to share
it with other this is a starting place where to request the addition
of the XML definition, hack files, kickstart (or other bootstraping) files.
To contribute to this repository please follow rules below:
1. Fork the repository and add files to places where they logicaly belong.
(if you are providing files for completely new distribution then create new directory
structure for it based on how the structure of other distributions)
2. Update README of distribution where you will provide files and ensure
that it contains information about image that you are adding.
Include at minimum:
- way how to login into system and
- where your image can be obtained
(If your image cannot be publicly obtained, then try to create kickstart or other bootstrap
files so people that can access the media of distribution can generate image by themselves)
3. To request inclusion of files create a pull request on GitHub or get in touch with author
via email ( if you prefer not to use GitHub.
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