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How to contribute to GeoServer PHP Client

This library is Free and Open Source Software. All Contributions to this project are most welcome, and can take many forms such as detailed bug reports, documentation, tests, features, and patches. Note that all contributions are managed by OneOffTech.

Bugs and Help

GitHub issues should only be created to log bugs or ask for help. Before posting to Github, please also search the existing issues to see if the bug has already been reported, and add any further details to the existing issue.


Contributions are most easily managed via GitHub pull requests. To prepare one, fork the GeoServer PHP Client into your own GitHub repository. Then you'll be able to commit your work and submit pull requests. Once you are done, Github allows you to create a pull request and propose your changes to the original repository. Make sure you target your pull request to the master branch.

The project follows the PSR-2 coding standard. Please run ./vendor/bin/php-cs-fixer fix before wrapping everything up.


All documentation is stored in the "docs" directory of this repository. Any contribution on improving the documentation is highly appreciated and a good way to become a welcomed contributor.

Contributor License Agreement

The Contributor License Agreement specifies the way how copyright of your contribution is handled. Please include in the comment on your pull request a statement like the following:

I'd like to contribute feature X|bugfix Y|docs|something else to GeoServer PHP Client. I confirm that my contributions to GeoServer PHP Client will be compatible with the GeoServer PHP Client Contributor License Agreement at the time of contribution.