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  1. RainyRefreshControl RainyRefreshControl Public

    Simple refresh control for iOS based on SpriteKit and Core Graphics

    Swift 677 49

  2. osx-status-bar-todo osx-status-bar-todo Public

    Simple macOS app to keep TODO-list in status bar

    Swift 107 26

  3. ios-video-maker ios-video-maker Public

    Objective-C 33 21

  4. ios-vector-coloring ios-vector-coloring Public

    The showcase project to see how a Vector Coloring app can be implemented

    Objective-C 13 6

  5. ios-mazazine-reader ios-mazazine-reader Public

    An app that intended to showcase that usage of Firebase Realtime Database + Firebase Storage + Dropbox + Document reading (PDF, ePub etc.)

    Swift 6 7

  6. Public

    Information about renamed streets in Kirovohrad, Ukraine in 2015-2016

    PHP 5 6


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