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아래의 내용은 모두 blog.onther.io에 옮겨져 있습니다.

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Publications from Onther Inc.

Plasma EVM

English version

Title Author(s) Publication Date Video
PoC1 : EVM Compatible Transaction
Fee(GAS) Delegated Execution Architecture
August 2018
Plasma EVM 2.0 박주형(Carl)
August 2018
Plasma EVM Implementation 박주형(Carl) August 2018
EVM Compatible Gas Delegated Transaction Execution Model 정순형(Kevin) September 2018
Data Availability Solution for Plasma EVM without Confirmation 박정원(Aiden) September 2018
A proposal for Data availability Solution of Plasma EVM 박주형(Carl)
September 2018
Data Availability problem in implementing Plasma design 송무복(Jake) September 2018
PoC Implementation of Plasma EVM 박주형(Carl) October 2018
Explaining Data Availability Solution for Plasma EVM 박정원(Aiden) October 2018 View
Dancing philosophers problem, verification game,
Plasmachain and data availability
정순형(Kevin) October 2018
Plasma World Map 박정원(Aiden) November 2018
Plasma EVM 2.1
: State-enforceable, turing-complete plasma
January 2019
Plasma EVM Demo Video(Enter/Exit ERC20) Onther February 2019 View

Korean version

Title Author(s) Publication Date Video
플라즈마 EVM 박주형(Carl) August 2018 View
Technical side of Moscow for non-developers 정순형(Kevin) August 2018
Transaction Fee(GAS) Delegated Execution Model
in Py-EVM
신건우(Thomas) September 2018
플라즈마 EVM 2.0
: 탈중앙화된 상태를 강제하는 튜링 완전한 사이드 체인
September 2018
A proposal for Data availability Solution of Plasma EVM 박정원(Aiden) September 2018
: EVM Compatible Gas Delegated Transaction Execution Architecture
Onther September 2018
Plasma EVM PoC1
: Transaction Fee delegate Execution Model
신건우(Thomas) September 2018 View
solEVM(ERC20 demo) 신건우(Thomas) September 2018 View1
플라즈마와 Data Availability 문제 송무복(Jake) October 2018
누구나 쉽게 이해하는 플라즈마 EVM 정순형(Kevin) October 2018 View
Plasma EVM Cryptoeconomics 허상범(Danny) October 2018 View
일반상태(튜링완전) 플라즈마 관련 연구 분석 박정원(Aiden) October 2018 View
춤추는 철학자의 문제 정순형(Kevin) October 2018
Deep Inside SolEVM and Verification Game 정순형(Kevin) October 2018
Plasma Leap Review 박정원(Aiden) October 2018 View
Gasless Plasma Chain for Dapp 정순형(Kevin) November 2018
Plasma EVM Economics Paper : The Mechanism Design
and Economic Philosophy(v.0.9)
November 2018
SolEVM 이해하기 정순형(Kevin) November 2018
Plasma World Map[Blog] 박정원(Aiden) November 2018
Plasma World Map(23회서울이더리움밋업) 박정원(Aiden) November 2018 View
Plasma EVM Core Dev(User Activated Fork) Onther December 2018 View
플라즈마 EVM 2.1
: 탈중앙화된 상태를 강제하는 튜링 완전한 플라즈마
December 2018
Plasma EVM Dev Meeting Onther January 2019 View

Ethereum Scalability

Title Author(s) Publication Date Video
플라즈마 일반 Onther 2018
Plasma MVP Issues 박주형(Carl) March 2018
Deep Dive Into Plasma MVP 정순형(Kevin) April 2018 View1
플라즈마 화이트페이퍼 번역 Onther April 2018
Raiden Network 허상범(Danny) June 2018
Plasma ERC721 implementation (Loomnetwork) 박주형(Carl) June 2018
Plasma MVP(7f80bc9) Smart Contract Audit 정순형(Kevin) June 2018 View
Plasma MVP Audit[Blog] 정순형(Kevin) June 2018 View
TrueBit: scrypt-interactive implementation 박주형(Carl) June 2018
Plasma 101 : Let's Scale with Cryptoeconomics 허상범(Danny) June 2018
Plasma 102 : Detail Structure and Use Cases 허상범(Danny) June 2018
브릿징 체인 정순형(Kevin) July 2018
Ardor Sidechain 송무복(Jake) August 2018
Stratis Sidechain 송무복(Jake) August 2018
Let's play with Truebit 송무복(Jake) October 2018 View
이더리움 좀 더 알아보기 황재승(Jason) October 2018
Plasma vs Sharding 황재승(Jason) October 2018 View
ZoKrates - zero knowledge tool box 송무복(Jake) November 2018
Devcon 4 Review — Ewasm Project 송무복(Jake) November 2018
Sharding, Casper → Serenity! 박주형(Carl) December 2018 View
State Channel Basic 박주형(Carl) January 2019 View

General Ethereum

Title Author(s) Publication Date Video
Whisper 프로토콜 Onther August 2017
이더리움 캐스퍼 이해 Onther September 2017 정순형(Kevin) March 2018
Application Binary Interface Specification 신건우(Thomas) April 2018
Casper FFG Overview 박주형(Carl) June 2018
Docker로 private swarm network 구축하기 황재승(Jason) June 2018
Cryptoeconomics 101 허상범(Danny) June 2018
Geth Private Network 신건우(Thomas) June 2018
Casper FFG : CAPM and Validation Yield 번역본 허상범(Danny) June 2018
RLP(with python) 신건우(Thomas) July 2018
Puppeth 파헤치기 황재승(Jason) July 2018 View
General State Plasma Plasmabits & ParsecLabs 박정원(Aiden) August 2018
Whisper 노드 구축 및 테스트 신진환(Jin) September 2018
Managing IPFS hash with Smart Contract 황재승(Jason) September 2018
Ethereum Gas Price 분석 신진환(Jin) September 2018 View
Ethereum Gas Price Analysis(EN.) 신진환(Jin) September 2018
GHOST protocol 신건우(Thomas) October 2018
이더리움의 이해 황재승(Jason) October 2018
Ethereum DEVCON4 Review
:: Deep dive in to Ethereum UX - 1. UI & User Research
허상범(Danny) November 2018
Ethereum 2.0 - Randomness 신진환(Jin) November 2018
Ethereum 2.0 - Randomness[Blog] 신진환(Jin) November 2018
Zero-Knowledge Proof(영지식 증명) Basic 박정원(Aiden) December 2018 View1
zk-SNARKs Basic(step1) 박정원(Aiden) December 2018 View
zk-SNARKs Basic(step 2) 박정원(Aiden) December 2018 View
zk-SNARKs Basic(step 3) 박정원(Aiden) January 2019 View
블록체인 기반 기술의 이해 1편
: 공개키암호화, 해시, 합의알고리즘-PoW,PoS,PoA
정순형(Kevin) January 2019 View
블록체인 기반 기술의 이해 2편
: 스마트 컨트렉트, 성능이슈-플라즈마, 샤딩, 스테이트채널
정순형(Kevin) January 2019 View

Ethereum Core

Title Author(s) Publication Date Video
이더리움 옐로우페이퍼 이해 1 Onther August 2017
이더리움 옐로우페이퍼 이해2 Onther September 2017
이더리움 옐로우페이퍼 이해3 Onther September 2017
Rinkby Testnet 구축하기 박주형(Carl) November 2017
Merkle Tree& Patricia Merkle Tree 정순형(Kevin) March 2018
RLP 씹어먹기 by 철학자(Onther Inc.) 정순형(Kevin) March 2018
Understanding Ethereum Core 정순형(Kevin) April 2018
5분만에 Private Network 구축하기 황재승(Jason) May 2018 View
Geth network layer 박주형(Carl) May 2018 View
Geth network layer[Blog] 박주형(Carl) June 2018
Developing Core with Py-EVM 정순형(Kevin) July 2018
geth /cmd/geth 신건우(Thomas) September 2018
Geth Package 황재승(Jason) September 2018
go-ethereum /fetcher /downloader /rawdb /ethdb 신진환(Jin) September 2018
Go Ethereum #1_consensus/type/event/miner 송무복(Jake) September 2018
Go Ethereum #2_params/vm/ethdb/trie 송무복(Jake) September 2018
geth plasma /init 신건우(Thomas) October 2018
geth txpool 신건우(Thomas) October 2018
geth /miner /worker 신건우(Thomas) October 2018
geth /eth /core /core /vm 신건우(Thomas) October 2018
How does go-ethereum work? 박정원(Aiden) October 2018 View
Meta Transaction 신건우(Thomas) December 2018 View
이더리움 하드포크의 역사와 콘스탄티노플 정순형(Kevin) January 2019 View
왜 이더리움 1월16일 콘스탄티노플 하드포크는 무기한 연기되었나? 신건우(Thomas) January 2019 View
Account Abstraction Overview 박정원(Aiden) January 2019 View

Smart Contract Development

Title Author(s) Publication Date Video
이더리움 스마트 계약(1) — 개발환경구성 정순형(Kevin) November 2016
이더리움 스마트 계약(2) — 분산자율조직개념 정순형(Kevin) December 2016
이더리움 스마트 계약(3) — 블록체인에 은행 만들기 정순형(Kevin) December 2016
블록체인 공부 자료 정리 v0.9 정순형(Kevin) December 2016
Mastering Truffle Onther August 2017
Wolf Contract[Slide] 정순형(Kevin) December 2017 View
변장한 늑대 — 스마트하지 못한 스마트 계약[Blog] 정순형(Kevin) December 2017
Evm Transaction Tuning Onther December 2017
ERC 721 & Meetup Token GAZUA Onther December 2017
Dapphub 정순형(Kevin) February 2018
Stable Coin(가치안정화토큰) 정순형(Kevin) March 2018 View
ERC20 Token 신건우(Thomas) March 2018
MiniMe Token 신건우(Thomas) March 2018
SMT(SmartMesh) 토큰 무한생성 해킹 설명과 대비책 정순형(Kevin) April 2018
Onward with Ethereum Smart Contract Security 신건우(Thomas) April 2018
Transfer from and approve problem 신건우(Thomas) April 2018
Truffle 시작하기 신건우(Thomas) May 2018
Smart contract programming 박주형(Carl) May 2018 View
Token OS PoC : Token & ICO Generator 정순형(Kevin) May 2018 View
내 토큰을 마음대로 빼갈 수 있는 컨트렉트를 만들 수 있을까? 정순형(Kevin) June 2018
거래소에 (이더 클래식 → ERC20)으로 오입금 했을 때
정말 복구 방법이 없을까?
정순형(Kevin) June 2018
About Solidity[Slide] 신건우(Thomas) May 2018 View
About Solidity[Blog] 신건우(Thomas) June 2018
Intro to TokenOS 허상범(Danny) June 2018
Solidity Assembly & ABI Encoding 박주형(Carl) August 2018
How to read Ethereum contract storage? 신건우(Thomas) September 2018
Trustless Smart Contract Upgradability 정순형(Kevin) November 2018
Upgradeable smart contract applications using proxy patterns 신건우(Thomas) November 2018
스마트 컨트렉트의 기술적 이해 정순형(Kevin) June 2018
Deconstructing a Solidity Contract 신건우(Thomas) November 2018
Dappsys라이브러리 사용과 활용 신진환(Jin) December 2018 View
Getting Start with Vyper 황재승(Jason) December 2018
Openzeppelin Solidity 박주형(Carl) December 2018 View
Dev tool for solidity and golang 박주형(Carl) January 2019 View

Token Model & ETC

Title Author(s) Publication Date Video
ICO Trilemma, 삼위일체불가능[Blog] 정순형(Kevin) March 2018
DAICO Onther March 2018
탈중앙화(Decentralization) 정순형(Kevin) April 2018
블록체인 기업의 핵심 역량 정순형(Kevin) May 2018
ERC20 TOP100 Business Model 강주형(Jace) May 2018 View
토큰 모델의 새로운 숙제 : 가치확보 (Value Capture) 허상범(Dannu) May 2018
ERC20 토큰 Top100 Business model과 토큰 분류[Blog] 강주형(Jace) Jun 2018
Token Sale Mechanism by Smart Contract 허상범(Danny) June 2018 View
Intro to TokenOS 허상범(Danny) June 2018
Deep Dive into Token OS - #1. Sale 허상범(Danny) August 2018
The Theory of Token Seigniorage 허상범(Danny) September 2018 View
(돈 쉽게 버는)토큰이코노미 구성과 설계 방법 정순형(Kevin) October 2018
Microeconomic Analysis of Gas Price Mechanism and Mitigation 허상범(Danny) November 2018
DevCon4: Special Projects 2018 강주형(Jace) October 2018

Dapp Analysis

Title Author(s) Publication Date Video
DGD - token contract Onther 2017
Gnosis - token contract Onther 2017
Golem - token contract Onther 2017
MLN - token contract Onther 2017
Status and Aragon - token contract Onther 2017
TenXPay - token contract Onther 2017
Edgeless - token contract Onther 2017
Monaco - token contract Onther 2017
Swap - whitepaper 박주형(Carl) 2017
Funfair - token contract 박주형(Carl) 2017
Melon - token contract 박주형(Carl) 2017
TRST - token contract 박주형(Carl) 2017
Wings - token contract 박주형(Carl) 2017
CVC - token contract 박주형(Carl) 2017
EOS - token and sale contract 박주형(Carl) 2017
BAT - token contract 김휘경(Zoe) 2017
1sŦ - token contract 김휘경(Zoe) 2017
MakerDAO 강주형(Jace)
February 2018
Digix Dao 강주형(Jace)
March 2018
Kyber Network 강주형(Jace) March 2018
OmiseGo 강주형(Jace)
March 2018
Status Network 강주형(Jace) March 2018
Filecoin 허상범(Danny) April 2018
Tron 강주형(Jace)
April 2018
CIVIC 강주형(Jace) April 2018
Steemit 강주형(Jace) May 2018
Cosmos 강주형(Jace) May 2018
Truebit 강주형(Jace) July 2018
Open Simple Token 강주형(Jace) July 2018
Wanchain 강주형(Jace) July 2018
뱅코르 씹어먹기[개념편] 정순형(Kevin) August 2018
Tezos 토큰모델 강주형(Jace) October 2018 View
DAI 아키텍처 분석 송무복(Jake) December 2018 View1
OntherDelta Setup On AWS 신진환(Jin) December 2018 View
MakerDAO, Sai 황재승(Jason) December 2018 View
OasisDex(maker-otc), Oasis-Proxy 분석 신진환(Jin) December 2018 View
makerDAO의 내부구조와 스마트 CDP 컨트랙트 테스트   신진환(Jin) January 2019 View

Bitcoin Core

Title Author(s) Publication Date Video
비트코인의 구조와 원리 정순형(Kevin) February 2018
Bloom Filter 황재승(Jason) March 2018
Bitcoins the hard way 황재승(Jason) March 2018
Bitcoin OP_RETURN 신건우(Thomas) March 2018
Bitcoin mining the hard way 황재승(Jason) March 2018
Bitcoin Transaction and Script 신건우(Thomas) March 2018
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