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Future Topics

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Table of Contents

Future Topics

HW description (Xilinx, TI, ST, Mentor)

  • How to describe HW to System SW – Complete HW vs. OS centric subsystems – DT, IPExact. More info can be found here.

System Resource Management – (ST, Xilinx, TI, Cypress)

  • How to configure and assign resources and peripherals to coprocessors

OpenAMP project support for Virtio spec (Xilinx, TI, ST, Mentor)

  • Packed vrings, indirect descriptors, …
  • Virtio device handshake improvements

Big data – (Xilinx, TI, ST)

Kernel remoteproc patches - Loic

Remoteproc/rpmsg regression test – Loic

Secure coprocessor support – Loic

Early coprocessor boot – late attach - Loic

Lifecycle management and Trusted & Embedded Base Boot Requirement (T/E-BBR) – Etsam

Lifecycle management with Linux remote – Etsam

Rpmsg protocol documentation for remote – Etsam

MCU – MCU issues, rpsmg only - Mark

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