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Change Log


  • Fixes a dictionary loading issue which was affecting in some scenarios. (#73)
  • Polished some UI dialogs. (#66)


  • AutoCorrect item is shown as the first suggestion item if available when writing using Avro Phonetic method. (#42)
  • Performance update for Avro Phonetic suggestion making code. (#42)
  • Be less restrictive when saving users selection. (#41)
  • Now it is possible to write using AltGr and ShiftAltGr layer when using Fixed layout methods. Fixes bug #40.
  • Auto-update checking is now configurable from settings dialog. There is now also a menu item in the TopBar for instant update checking. (#32)
  • Fixed a crash. (#52)


  • Fixes a serious bug #26.
  • OpenBangla Keyboard will check for updates automatically and notify the user if an update is available.


  • OpenBangla Keyboard now features a Phonetic AutoCorrect Preference Dialog #20. User now can view/edit/add AutoCorrect entries.
  • Better Topbar integration with X11 windowing system and reduce the size of TopBar #22.
  • Let users turn off candidate box #11
  • Build system improvement. There is no need to pass CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX when building.
  • Now supports RPM packaging.
  • Fixed issue #17. OpenBangla Keyboard was failing to store Layout setting when using Qt 5.10 version.
  • Improved Settings dialog UI.
  • Rewritten Avro Layout conversion code. OpenBangla Keyboard now handles errors more gracefully and reports them to the user.


  • Fixed a memory leak.
  • Fixed a long standing bug #8.


  • Improve Phonetic support. Resolves issue #2. Now Phonetic support is mostly complete!
  • A new button in TopBar for easily moving it.
  • User can select candidate by clicking.
  • These new layouts were added: Munir Optima (uni), Avro Easy, National (Jatiya) and Probhat. Thanks to OmicronLab because these layouts were also imported from Avro Keyboard!


First release! All things are new!

Changes after 0.1.0 beta:

  • New feature: Tab to switch between the matches in candidate window
  • While typing numbers in phonetic method, pressing : should make it : not ঃ
  • Old Reph feature in fixed typing method
  • User can select the orientation of candidate window in Settings
  • Icons for OpenBangla Keyboard by @saaiful

Known issues:


Beta release

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