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1. Overview
a. Opencpn was built with the following objectives in mind.
i. Intended use as primary navigation interface for vessels
with full-time helm-visible navigational suites.
Other tools may be better for offline route planning, tide
and current prediction, online logging, etc.
ii. Quick startup and shutdown.
iii. Those and only those toolbar buttons really needed for
daily operation.
iv. Portability, thus wxWidgets core components. Currently
tested and in production use on Windows XP-8.1, OS X, and Linux.
v. Conventional ( i.e. popular and modern ) chart format
support. In the real world, this means BSB format raster
charts, and S57ENC format vector charts.
And, of course, opencpn is all GPL'ed (or equivalent)
Open Source code.
Personal Note:
Opencpn is in primary daily use as the navigation package aboard
M/V Dyad, a 48 ft trawler yacht cruising from Newfoundland to the
Bahamas yearly.
Our thanks go to MAXCDN for providing a CDN network delivering
the OpenCPN downloads worldwide.