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A PyTorch framework for prediction of tertiary protein structure
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A PyTorch framework for tertiary protein structure prediction.

Alt text

Getting started

To run this project, simply git clone the repository and type python in the terminal:

$ python
--- OpenProtein v0.1 ---
Live plot deactivated, see output folder for plot.
Starting pre-processing of raw data...
Preprocessed file for testing.txt already exists.
force_pre_processing_overwrite flag set to True, overwriting old file...
Processing raw data file testing.txt
Wrote output to 81 proteins to data/preprocessed/testing.txt.hdf5
Completed pre-processing.
2018-09-27 19:27:34: Train loss: -781787.696391812
2018-09-27 19:27:35: Loss time: 1.8300042152404785 Grad time: 0.5147676467895508

Developing a Predictive Model

See for examples of how to create your own model.

Using a Predictive Model

See for examples of how to use pre-trained models.

Memory Usage

OpenProtein includes a preprocessing tool ( which will transform the standard ProteinNet format into a hdf5 file and save it in data/preprocessed/. This is done in a memory-efficient way (line-by-line).

The OpenProtein PyTorch data loader is memory optimized too - when reading the hdf5 file it will only load the samples needed for each minibatch into memory.


Please see the LICENSE file in the root directory.

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