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  • Higher magnification and better optics for the clamp hardware (wider and more clear field of view)
    • Version 2 clamp now online - see build repo for details!
  • Adjustable magnification - for close up and larger view
  • Faster and simpler ways to attach the sample
  • In-situ configuration – device water-proofing, etc.
  • Pi zero integration
  • Arduino integration
  • Larger device for capturing patterns of embolism across the entire leaf.
  • Clamp attachment for mobile phone with app to control sequence capture (and processing?)
  • Integrated touchscreen display (e.g. official touchscreen display)


  • Better/faster/alternative methods of noise removal
  • Better/faster/alternative methods of extracting embolism events
  • Real-time processing during the capture stage


  • Real-time analysis during the processing stage
  • Guides and protocols for dealing with ‘difficult’ sequences
  • Scripts for generating figures for publication (events over time, events by vein order etc.)
  • Better/faster/alternative/automated methods of analysing captured sequences