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Endpoints for the API

The Open Source API contains metadata regarding OSI Approved Licenses, and crosswalks that help with using and integrating this information with external sources. You can think of this API as a sort of "hub" or "connector" to help ensure end users can simply build applications that are license-aware.

Get a list of all licenses


Get a list of all known licenses.


Find all licenses by a keyword (defined below).

Get a license


Get a license by its OSI ID


Get a license by an identifier (such as SPDX/Apache-2.0 or DEP5/Expat)


Attribute documentation

attribute description
id OSI Identifier (such as MPL-2.0)
name Name of the License (such as General Public License)
superseded_by OSI Identifier of the licenses that supersedes this license (such as EPL-1.0)
keywords List of text keywords that describe this license. (see Keywords below)
identifiers List of identifier objects for this license (see Identifier below)
links List of link objects for this license (see Link below)
other_names List of other_name objects for this license (see Other Name)
text List of text objects for this license (see Text below)


keyword description
osi-approved This license has been OSI Approved.
redundant This license is redundant with a more widely used license.
copyleft This license requires derived works remain Open Source.
obsolete This license is considered obsolete by its authors.
popular This license is widely used.
discouraged This license's use is actively discouraged.
non-reusable This license isn't generally usable outside of the authoring organization.
special-purpose This license suits a very special purpose.
retired This license has been retired.


attribute description
identifier A text identifier issued for the scheme below.
scheme An identifier namespace (such as SPDX or DEP5)


attribute description
note Description of the link
url URL of the link

Other Name

attribute description
name Other name this license is known by
note Note regarding the use of this name


attribute description
media_type Type of content contained at the URL (sometimes called content type or MIME)
title Title of the text link
url URL to the text

API Wrappers

Contribute additional data

Don't see what you need? Send a pull request! The data provided in the API is stored in Git, currently hosted on the opensourceorg/licenses repo. Feel free to file bugs, help work on improvements, and send in pull requests!


Data provided by this API is licensed CC0.

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