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# Install makeindex, if you do not use an index you can remove this (also remove the extra makeindex call).
- sudo apt-get install texlive-binaries
# Silent install from conda docs
# adapted using
# Needed to check if conda already installed
- export PATH="$HOME/miniconda/bin:$PATH"
# If not yet installed, obtain Miniconda
# and tectonic
# From tectonic docs
- if ! command -v conda > /dev/null; then
wget -O;
bash -b -p $HOME/miniconda -u;
conda config --add channels conda-forge;
conda config --set always_yes yes;
conda install tectonic==0.1.11;
# Install biber if required for compiling the references.
# Biber version should match the biblatex version of Tectonic
- conda install -c malramsay biber==2.11 --yes
- conda info -a
# Workaround if a specific bundle is needed
# - sudo mkdir -p ~/.config/Tectonic/
# - echo "[[default_bundles]]" | sudo tee --append ~/.config/Tectonic/config.toml
# - sudo echo "url = \"\"" | sudo tee --append ~/.config/Tectonic/config.toml
- $HOME/miniconda
- $HOME/.cache/Tectonic
script: # Change working directory each time so including files will work. Change back so the pdfs can be found for deployment. This way, building multiple files goes well.
- cd ./src/
# Run tectonic once to generate intermediate files
- tectonic --keep-intermediates --reruns 0 ./main.tex
# If a bcf file exists run biber to compile references
- if [ -f "main.bcf" ]; then biber main; fi
# Only needed when using an index:
# - tectonic --keep-intermediates ./main.tex
# Tectonic does not include makeindex, so that needs to be done manually.
# - makeindex ./main.idx
# Final run of tectonic to create output
- tectonic ./main.tex --print
- cd ../
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