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This application does not require installation.
If you are using a binary version, just unzip the folder anywhere you like and use the executable to start the application:

  • Linux: double-click SecurePivxMasternodeTool file inside the app directory
  • Windows: double-click SecurePivxMasternodeTool.exe file inside the app directory
  • Mac OsX: double-click application folder

If you are running SPMT from the source-code instead, you will need Python3 and several libraries installed.
Needed libraries are listed in requirements.txt.
From the SPMT directory, launch the tool with:


To make binary versions from source, PyInstaller can be used with the SecurePivxMasternode.spec file provided.

Verifying the binaries

It's always advised to use the provided signature asc files to verify the authenticity of the downloaded package and confirm it has been signed by the author (Keybase user: random_zebra).

To verify the signature (with keybase app):

keybase pgp verify -d <detached signature file> -i <downloaded archive> -S random_zebra


keybase pgp verify -d SPMT-v0.3.2a-x86_64-gnu_linux.tar.gz.asc -i SPMT-v0.3.2a-x86_64-gnu_linux.tar.gz -S random_zebra

To verify it (without keybase app):

  • Download signing key
curl > random_zebra-PUBKEY.asc
  • Import key
gpg --import random_zebra-PUBKEY.asc
  • Verify the downloaded archive with its detached signature file:
gpg --verify <detached signature file> <downloaded archive>


gpg --verify SPMT-v0.3.2a-x86_64-gnu_linux.tar.gz.asc SPMT-v0.3.2a-x86_64-gnu_linux.tar.gz

Setting up the Masternode VPS

To setup the remote node follow the steps described here: VPS Setup Guide

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