win-acme - A Simple ACME Client for Windows (for use with Let's Encrypt)
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Windows ACME Simple (WACS)

A simple ACME client for Windows - for use with Let's Encrypt. (Formerly known as letsencrypt-win-simple (LEWS))


This is a ACME CLI client for Windows built in native .NET and aims to be as simple as possible to use. It's built on top of the ACMESharpCore project.


Download the latest release, unpack and run wacs.exe, and follow the messages in the input prompt. There are some useful command line arguments which can help with advanced or unattended usage scenarios.


Some of the applications' settings can be updated in the app's settings or configuration file. The is located in the application root and is called settings.config (created during the first run, based on settings_default.config). The settings are documented on this page.


Please head to the Wiki to learn more.


If you run into trouble please open an issue here. Please check to see if your issue is covered in the Wiki before you create a new issue. Describe the exact steps you took and try to reproduce it while running with the --verbose command line option set. Post your command line and the console output to help us debug.