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<h1>Welcome to a tour of Nim!</h1>
<p>Well, what will become the tour of Nim anyways. Currently this is only a
test of the tour feature to make sure everything works as intended. If you
have a look at the URL bar you can actually see that you can point the
playground to display not only this tour, but any site formatted as a tour!
Pretty neat right? If you go to <a href=""></a>
you can see how this file is structured.</p>
<p>The main level of your file should be a series of <code>&lt;section&gt;</code>
tags that contain at least one <code>&lt;h1&gt;</code> element and one
<code>&lt;code&gt;</code> element. The first such header element will
be displayed below, and the last code element will be displayed as the code
snippet for that section</p>
<code># So this would be the code snippet for this section
echo "Hello Nim tour!"</code>
<h1>Go forth, create your own</h1>
<p>So that's really all that I wanted to share right now. Go forth and try out
the new feature, and make sure to share them on IRC for everyone else to have
a look!</p>
<p>An official tour is also in the works and will probably be linked to from
something like <a href=""></a>
in the future. If you have anything you would like to be in the official tour
just create your own and share it with me.</p>
<code># Notice how this code block only shows up on the right hand side, so
# if you don't have any code you want to share for a section and want to use
# in-line code elements make sure to have an empty code element at the end of
# the section.
echo "Goodbye Nim tour!"</code>
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