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  1. react-cookie-law

    React Cookie Law is a cookie-info banner compliance with the GDPR and the EU cookie law. It allows the user to give consent in a granular way.

    JavaScript 5

  2. angular-cookie-law

    Angular Cookie Law is an angular directive that allows your angular application to comply the european cookie law by informing users that your site has cookies. Also provide a service to lock scrip…

    JavaScript 30 18

  3. lambda-invoker

    A class to invoke an AWS Lambda function from an other

    JavaScript 6

  4. json-compiler

    Simple way to do template replacements on your js and json objects

    JavaScript 5 1

  5. onesignal-notification

    OneSignal Notification API wrapper

    JavaScript 4

  6. Sacajawea

    Forked from vonschau/next-routes-with-locale

    Manage your multi-language routes with Next.js, easily

    JavaScript 4

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