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"""This module implements the AppFutures.
We have two basic types of futures:
1. DataFutures which represent data objects
2. AppFutures which represent the futures on App/Leaf tasks.
from concurrent.futures import Future
import logging
import threading
from import RemoteExceptionWrapper
logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)
# Possible future states (for internal use by the futures package).
# The future was cancelled by the user...
# ...and _Waiter.add_cancelled() was called by a worker.
PENDING: "pending",
RUNNING: "running",
CANCELLED: "cancelled",
FINISHED: "finished"
class AppFuture(Future):
"""An AppFuture wraps a sequence of Futures which may fail and be retried.
The AppFuture will wait for the DFK to provide a result from an appropriate
parent future, through `parent_callback`. It will set its result to the
result of that parent future, if that parent future completes without an
exception. This result setting should cause .result(), .exception() and done
callbacks to fire as expected.
The AppFuture will not set its result to the result of the parent future, if
that parent future completes with an exception, and if that parent future
has retries left. In that case, no result(), exception() or done callbacks should
report a result.
The AppFuture will set its result to the result of the parent future, if that
parent future completes with an exception and if that parent future has no
retries left, or if it has no retry field. .result(), .exception() and done callbacks
should give a result as expected when a Future has a result set
The parent future may return a RemoteExceptionWrapper as a result
and AppFuture will treat this an an exception for the above
retry and result handling behaviour.
def __init__(self, task_def):
"""Initialize the AppFuture.
- task_def : The DFK task definition dictionary for the task represented
by this future.
self._update_lock = threading.Lock()
self._outputs = []
self.task_def = task_def
def parent_callback(self, executor_fu):
"""Callback from a parent future to update the AppFuture.
Used internally by AppFuture, and should not be called by code using AppFuture.
- executor_fu (Future): Future returned by the executor along with callback.
- None
Updates the future with the result() or exception()
with self._update_lock:
if not executor_fu.done():
raise ValueError("done callback called, despite future not reporting itself as done")
res = executor_fu.result()
if isinstance(res, RemoteExceptionWrapper):
except Exception as e:
if executor_fu.retries_left > 0:
# ignore this exception, because assume some later
# parent executor, started external to this class,
# will provide the answer
def stdout(self):
return self.task_def['kwargs'].get('stdout')
def stderr(self):
return self.task_def['kwargs'].get('stderr')
def tid(self):
return self.task_def['id']
def cancel(self):
raise NotImplementedError("Cancel not implemented")
def cancelled(self):
return False
def outputs(self):
return self._outputs
def __repr__(self):
return '<%s super=%s>' % (
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