Rapidly clicking the same row causes the UI to freeze #23

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simonbs commented Feb 25, 2013

I find that whenever I rapidly click on the same cell, the entire UI of the application will freeze. Of course, this is not necessarily how the list view is meant to be used. Still, it would be great if this was not the case.

I have not managed to find the cause for this. Does anyone experience the same or even have a fix for this?

urkle commented Apr 14, 2014

HAHA.. yeah.. I finally found the cause for this.. It's the silly "drag and drop" support.. basically what happens is when you click the SAME row again the code "checks" to see if you are going to move the mouse and if so starts a drag.. However it "checks" for 1.5 seconds each mouseDown, this it severely LAGS out the UI. I have a quick fix here in urkle@237d57c which simply validates the delegate BEFORE wasting time checking for a move event. Really the whole drag+drop stuff needs to be rewritten so it doesn't lag out the UI.

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