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CodeceptJS Applitools helper to integrate the applitool

codeceptjs-applitoolshelper is a CodeceptJS helper which can publish tests results on Applitools after the tests execution.

NPM package:


npm i codeceptjs-applitoolshelper --save
npm i webdriverio@5 --save


This helper should be added in codecept.json/codecept.conf.js


  helpers: {
    WebDriver: {
      url: '',
      browser: 'chrome',
      desiredCapabilities: {
        chromeOptions: {
          args: [ '--headless', '--disable-extensions', '--disable-gpu', '--no-sandbox', '--disable-dev-shm-usage']
      windowSize: '1920x600',
      smartWait: 5000,
      timeouts: {
        'script': 60000,
        'page load': 10000
    ApplitoolsHelper: {
      require: 'codeceptjs-applitoolshelper',
      applitoolsKey: 'YOUR_API_KEY'

To use this helper you need to provide the following info:

  • applitoolsKey (Required): You can find your API key under the user menu located at the right hand side of the test manager toolbar
  • windowSize (Optional): the windows size as for instance 1440x700, if not provided, the default 1920x600 will be used. The windowSize will follow this precedence: ApplitoolsHelper, Webdriver.
  • appName (Optional): you can either provide your desired application name, if not provided, the default 'Application Under Test' will be used.


An example how to use this helper

const { I } = inject();

Feature('Applitools functionality');

Before(() => {

Scenario('Check home page @test', async () => {
    await I.eyeCheck('Homepage');

For your reference, you can check out this repo:

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