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Orgapp is a simple portable project management. The goal is to have an app that can be used offline as well as online.

Tasks are created for projects, but they are prioritized relatively to each other.

A project documentation is (for now, only) md files, tracked inside the repo.

Content of the projects tasks will (soon) be stored as part of the project to.

Repos can be git or mercurial repos, if they are not created previous to running the webui, they will be initialized.

Getting started


Orgapp is still beeing in development. Basic tests have been done, but not yet in production. Use at your own risks and after having done a lot of tests :)

Get Orgapp

  • clone the repository to your desired path
git clone
  • and enter it
cd Orgapp
  • quickstart
make start

Prepare the environment

  • initialize the required submodules (only twitter-bootstrap)
git submodule update --init
  • enter the src folder
cd src
virtualenv env
. env/bin/activate
  • install the python dependencies
pip install -r requirements.txt


  • configuration is done in two times
    1. configure the app by itself (where to find the repositories, where to cache the rendering, where to store the database)
    2. setup authorized users with bottle-cork

Configure the app

  • orgapp will read the file config-*.ini in the config/ folder
  • it will use the first file it finds in the following
    1. config-dev.ini
    2. config-stage.ini
    3. config-prod.ini
  • they have 3 sections:
    • doc: specify where is the repository's documentation (path relative to the repository's root)
    • tasks: full path to the tasks database
    • repos: full paths to the git and hg repositories

configure users

  • needed to grant access to the edit functions of Orgapp
python config/

Start Orgapp UI

  • Orgapp gives an interface to handle tasks and view projects. For that you need to start its web interface, still from the src/ folder

More to come

  • sync
  • how to install on android
  • tasks in files
  • push/pull
  • permit different markups
  • fixes :)
  • doc :)
  • unittest
  • cli


  • Aurélien Bondis
  • Pierre Paul Lefebvre


small project manager with relative tasks priorities



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