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To turn into a maintainer of PixelExperience:

Before you apply to add your device into our list of official devices, you should know a few things:

Any failure in following the below instructions will make you unfit for the maintainership. No questions asked.

1 - You must own the device. Blind and untested builds aren't allowed.

2 - You must have a good knowledge of git.

3 - You must do an unofficial build for atleast 2 weeks, be sure that the build is stable for daily usage before applying. Stability context may differ for different devices, so explain for any exceptions.

4 - You must have your device sources public with proper authorship for each commit.

5 - You must show the real used device sources.

6 - Your device must be in accordance with the Device Requirements

After applying and your application be apreciate, you will receive an email from a member of the recruitment committee about the acceptance or not.

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