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PXU Photoset Extended

Version. 1.8.0
Copyright 2013 Pixel Union
Licensed under the MIT license



  • Completely Responsive
  • Captions and EXIF data available in rollover tooltips
  • Enable high resolution images when your content is wider than 500px
  • Customizable options like rounded corners, bigger gutters, and more

Change Log


  • Fixed a rare bug where the width of the container could be ~14px too wide when the plugin runs


  • Fixed a bug which broke the "highRes" plugin option.


  • Removed the need to include imagesLoaded.
  • Minor bug fixes.


  • Updated how images get cropped when there is more than one image in a row. Images are now cropped from the center instead of the top to better match Tumblr.


  • Now using Tumblr's built-in Lightbox. No longer requires the user to specificy and include a separate lightbox. If you do want to use your own, simply change the lightbox setting to false.


  • Updated to reflect changes in Tumblr's default photoset. Each row's height is now calculated independently, which should give users some flexibility in using portrait images.
  • Removed the deprecated live() in favour for on()
  • Went through entire JS with JSHint and fixed a bunch of non-fatal bugs


  • Fully responsive. You can now resize the window and the photoset will adjust accordingly.


Locate your current Tumblr Photoset code and replace it with the following:


<div class="photo-slideshow" id="photoset_{PostID}" data-layout="{PhotosetLayout}">

    <div class="photo-data">
      <div class="pxu-photo">
        <img alt="{PhotoAlt}" src="{PhotoURL-500}" width="{PhotoWidth-500}" height="{PhotoHeight-500}" data-highres="{PhotoURL-HighRes}" data-width="{PhotoWidth-HighRes}" data-height="{PhotoHeight-HighRes}" class="{block:Exif}exif-yes {/block:Exif}{block:Caption}caption-yes{/block:Caption}" {block:Exif}data-camera="{block:Camera}{Camera}{/block:Camera}" data-iso="{block:ISO}{ISO}{/block:ISO}" data-aperture="{block:Aperture}{Aperture}{/block:Aperture}" data-exposure="{block:Exposure}{Exposure}{/block:Exposure}" data-focal="{block:FocalLength}{FocalLength}{/block:FocalLength}"{/block:Exif} {block:Caption}data-caption="{Caption}"{/block:Caption}>
      <div class="icons">
        <a class="tumblr-box" rel="post-{PostID}" href="{PhotoURL-HighRes}">
          <span class="zoom">Zoom</span>
        <span class="info">Info</span>

</div><!-- close SLIDESHOW -->



At the bottom of your theme, before the closing </body> tag, insert the following (make sure to replace the path to pxuPhotoset.min.js):

<script type="text/javascript" src="/path/to/js/pxuPhotoset.min.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
$(document).ready(function() {
		// options go here
	}, function() {
		// callback

In the Custom CSS box, add the styles from style.css.


'ligthbox'  : true, // uses the default Tumblr lightbox, change to false to use your own
	'highRes'   : true, // will use high res images
	'rounded'   : 'corners', // corners, all or false
	'exif'      : true, // display EXIF data if available (tooltip)
	'captions'  : true, // display individual captions on photos (tooltip)
	'gutter'    : '10px', // spacing between the images
	'photoset'  : '.photo-slideshow', // photoset wrapper
	'photoWrap' : '.photo-data', // photo data wrapper (includes photo, icons + exif)
	'photo'     : '.pxu-photo' // photo wrap (includes photo only)


Optional callback. Here's an example where we've set the opacity of our slideshow to 0 in our CSS and now that we've got all of our images loaded up and working we'll show them:

	// options go here
}, function() {

Infinite Scroll

Are you using Paul Irish's amazing Infinite Scroll? Don't worry, this bad boy will still work. You'll just need to add a little extra to the callback. It should look something like this in its most basic form:

    navSelector  : "div.navigation",            
    nextSelector : "div.navigation a:first",    
    itemSelector : "#content"          
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