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Using Slack

Pixels Camp's organization provides a Slack instance as a communication channel to help the community to take best from the event. This guide provides a policy and some guidelines on how to use Slack in this context.


What is Slack?

Slack provides a rich text communication platform where its members and teams can exchange messages and files, public or privately, and interact with other services and applications. More about it here

Who can use Pixel Camp's Slack

We've decided to open our Slack to anyone willing to talk about hard-core tech with the Pixels Camp community. If you fit this profile, then by all means, join us.

Do I really need to use this?


Slack is just another way for the organization and its partners to connect with the Pixels Camp community and support it, announce important messages, and foster discussion and creativity during the event. Hopefully, it will help and turn out to be a great instrument.

It is also a big social experiment, and we're not completely sure it will work. Who knows what can happen when you put one thousand highly skilled engineers and hackers in a room interacting in real time, right?

I don't want to miss a beat, what are my other options?

We use email for every critical message. We use a few social networks too. Facebook works nicely for general messages and announcements. We use Instagram because, er, it's cool and everyone loves great photos. Finally, we use Twitter, our favorite, which is useful for real-time communication, announcements, and important messages. You should follow our Twitter account anyhow.

The message notifications are taking my focus away and draining my battery

We have good news for you. Slack has marvelous controls over notification settings, per channel, if you need to. Here's something you can start by doing: turning off notifications in the #general channel unless there's a mention of yourself.



Use English

Whenever possible, especially in #general, use English.

No shouting, please

Hundreds of people in a chatroom can be quite noisy. Mostly, we want it to be useful. This means we have to be extra careful with anything that potentially triggers a notification, or ultimately, your precious attention. For caution, @channel, @here and @everyone are disabled to the public. When using the crowded default #general channel, please speak only when you have something to say.

Jibber-jabber, can I?

We understand. You get all excited with bots, memes, giphy images and tasteless jokes about programming languages you don't use or understand. We want you to express yourself in creative ways, even if no one is listening, so there's the #random channel for that. Go for it.

Optionally, you can create your own public or private channel and invite your pals to join you. That might work too.


The organization provides you an official public #announcements channel. Subscribe to it when you log in. We'll use this channel to broadcast important messages before and during Pixels Camp.

Use the same nickname

The whole point of this is to promote interaction and networking between the participants of Pixels Camp, which means we should aim for some level of knowledge and transparency about everyone on Slack. We won't ask to expose your email; you probably wouldn't like that, but we're going to ask you to use the same nickname you've used when you registered for Pixels Camp (which is the same as your Github account).

We can't enforce this technically, but we're expecting you to comply.

Use a real photo

Read above on the nickname arguments. Use a real photo of yourself.


Here's a list of common channels you should be aware of:


General announcements about Pixels Camp. Everyone should subscribe this. Low traffic.


A place where geeks can advertize and sell their stuff to others.


Every badge redeemed will echo in here. High traffic.


The one and only place you can post occasional job offers. Opt in. Remember: Pixels Camp is not a recruitment event and recruitment activities are not permitted to sponsors or participants.


Hardware heads hang out here.


How do I get in?

To get in, please fill up this form. Note that invites will be sent sequentially and as possible. Slack has strict limitations on the number of invites you can send per period of time.