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#ifndef Polukili_Sprite_h
#define Polukili_Sprite_h
#include <string>
#include <grrlib.h>
using namespace std;
namespace Polukili
* A graphical objects with its texture and current position on screen.
class Sprite
// Operations
* Constructor
Sprite(GRRLIB_texImg* image, int width, int height);
* Destructor
virtual ~Sprite();
* Draw the sprite on screen according to current positions.
void draw();
* Defines the current position
void setPosition(int x, int y);
* Defines the reference position for the sprite (or offset)
void setReferencePosition(int x, int y);
* Defines the current zoom factor
void setZoom(float factor);
* Defines the current rotation
void setRotation(float angle);
* The graphical sprite.
GRRLIB_texImg* image;
int x;
int y;
int referenceX;
int referenceY;
float factor;
int angle;
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