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🧩 PreMiD is a simple, configurable utility that allows you to show what you're doing on the web in your Discord now playing status.

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  1. 🧬 Source code of the PreMiD application.

    TypeScript 342 76

  2. 🧩 Source code of the official PreMiD extension.

    JavaScript 1 3

  3. 📂 Our website insides. Maintained by @Voknehzyr

    Vue 4 9

  4. Official PreMiD API

    TypeScript 3 2

  5. 🛒 Storage for Presences located at our Presence Store.

    TypeScript 47 95

  6. Our BIG help in things about moderation and many more useful stuff on our Discord server.

    TypeScript 4 7

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