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Major Changes:

  • TCP Packet format has been changed to following to optimize data usage and minimize packet loss in the TCP/WiFi mode.
Offset Byte Value Description
0 0x0A Start of frame
1 0xFA Start of frame
2 Payload Size LSB
3 Payload Size MSB
4 Protocol version (currently 0x03)
5-8 Packet sequence incremental number
9-16 Timestamp From ESP32 gettimeofday()
17-20 R-R Interval
18-... ECG Data samples Currently 8 samples / packet
... 0x0B End of Frame
  • Ability to select sample rate and some MAX30003 options from menuconfig menu
  • Optimized the data readback mechanism

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This is the first release of the HeartyPatch firmware and the ECG streaming GUI/TCP client.

Please download the GUI application for your platform below: