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PufferPanel v1.0.3 - Subuser And Admin Successfully #546

PufferPanel v1.0.3 - Subuser And Admin Successfully #546
Dec 2, 2021 · 0 comments

LordRalex wrote at Mar 13 2017 21:05:09 UTC:

We are happy to introduce v1.0.3 into the wild! I'll try to keep this short.

This new release re-enables the Subuser interface which was disabled on the previous releases.

This release also fixes the admin users, which could not see servers they did not own, oops.

To update to the new version from any 1.0 release, please follow our documentation:

Because of the database changes, you will need to manually cycle accounts to re-enable proper support for subusers and admins.

This is simple as re-saving subusers (open their edit menu through the Subuser interface, hit "Save") and toggling admin users (open their account settings, set them to No, save, then set to Yes and save).

As always, thanks for flying with PufferPanel!


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