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from pylint.checkers import BaseChecker
from pylint.interfaces import IRawChecker
class MyRawChecker(BaseChecker):
"""check for line continuations with '\' instead of using triple
quoted string or parenthesis
__implements__ = IRawChecker
name = "custom_raw"
msgs = {
"W9901": (
"use \\ for line continuation",
"Used when a \\ is used for a line continuation instead"
" of using triple quoted string or parenthesis."
options = ()
def process_module(self, node):
"""process a module
the module's content is accessible via function
with as stream:
for (lineno, line) in enumerate(stream):
if line.rstrip().endswith("\\"):
self.add_message("backslash-line-continuation", line=lineno)
def register(linter):
"""required method to auto register this checker"""
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