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OpenTX Lua Scripts

Lua scripts for the OpenTX software environment.

These scripts are documented on the website and within the script files.


  • Click on the script type directory e.g. TELEMETRY
  • Click on subsequent folders and follow directions in the read me files.

Use The Script


  • To contribute yours scripts to this repository please send in an email

Depending on demand this repository may be opened up so others may help maintain it.

Script Submission Conditions

  • Permission to use and modify your scripts (retaining author credit to you) without any conditions except as provided under GPL3.0
  • Working on the current release version of OpenTX and Companion simulator

Suggested Documentation

OpenTX Lua script

Place this file in SD Card copy on your computer > /SCRIPTS/TELEMETRY/<name>.lua

Works On OpenTX Companion Version: 2.1.8

Author: RCdiy

Web: Date: 2016 June 28


  Read a Tx global variable to determine battery capacity in mAh

  Read a sensor to determine current mAh consumption

  Display remaining battery mAh

  Display remaining battery percent

  Write remaining battery mAh to a Tx global variable

  Write remaining battery percent to a Tx global variable


  The OpenTX global variables have a 1024 limit.

  mAh values are expressed as mAh/100

  2800 mAh will be 28 when stored in an OpenTX global variables

  800 mAh will be 8


  mAh (calculated sensor based on VFAS, FrSky FAS-40)

Global OpenTX variables used  
  GV1 = Read battery capacity provided as mAh/100, 2800 mAh would be 28, 800 mAh would be 8

  GV2 = Write mAh remaining

  GV3 = Write % remaining

Global Lua environment variables used


  if required use a naming convention similar to below to reduce conflict with other scripts

    RCdiy<script file name prefix upto 8 characters>_variablecontent

    e.g. RCdiymAhRmain_CapacityRemainingPercent = 0

Variables local to this script must use the word "local" before the variable

  e.g. local SensorName = "RxBt"
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