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Privacy Policy

Information collection and use

Ambar LLC is the only owner of the information collected on its websites and web services. The aim of Ambar LLC activity is not collecting, selling or lending the information to the others. All data uploaded by the Users belongs to the Users. Ambar LLC does not claim any rights to intellectual property uploaded by the Users.


The assurance of privacy, safety and integrity of the entrusted data of his Clients is one of the most important goals of Ambar LLC. In regard to that Ambar LLC is not going to sell, lend and trade contractual data as well as the data of registered accounts.


In order to use the service the user has to fill up the registration form. Such information is necessary to use the service in proper way by the user, who got interested in this Service himself.

Cookies and local storage

Cookies and local storage records are series of data stored on hard disc of the user which for example include the anonymous identifier of the user. The cookies and local storage records are set up to remember the fact of being logged in service if the user wished so as well as for statistical aims.

Client data

Despite that Ambar LLC hosts all data entered by the user, the ones all the time belong to the user. Ambar LLC will never sell or by purpose make accessible the data entered by the user to the third party as well as will never use them for the benefit of his own business. Our procedures obey the privacy of our users and their data.

Information rights and publicity

Unless you notify Ambar LLC otherwise in writing, You hereby grant to Ambar LLC and its wholly owned subsidiaries a limited license to use Your trade names, trademarks, service marks, logos, domain names and other distinctive brand features in presentations, marketing materials, web sites, customer lists, and financial reports.


If we are going to change our Privacy Policy we will inform our users about this fact, by sending an appropriate email to the email address of the owner’s account registered in our service.

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