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Thanks for your interest !

Yes, it is probable that RIOT participates as mentoring org for GSOC 2016.

Details about the involvement of RIOT in GSOC 2016 will be posted soon.

If you already want to start, please consider the following remarks:

  1. Before start asking very general questions via devel mailing list, please familiarize yourself with RIOT.

  2. Contributing to RIOT is easy: just write code and PR it via Github. For more details see Contributing to RIOT

  3. Last year's application template form can be found here. This gives you an idea about the application. The final procedure will be posted as soon as RIOT was accepted as mentoring organization.

Concerning applications: don't expect the process to change much this year. In particular: the first step for applicants is to pick an issue on the GitHub tracker, fix it and pull-request it.

Concerning topics: we will soon announce some (and applicants are free to also propose their own topics).


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